Intellectual property


The field of intellectual property is and will be one of the most challenging and constantly changing branches of law. Therefore we offer you a wide range of legal services including:

  • Representation in relation with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM);
  • Assistance and representation before the courts in solving the disputes regarding the intellectual property right;
  • OSIM trademark registration;
  • Tracking the file regarding the registration of trademarks at OSIM;
  • Design the appeal against the decision to refuse to register the trademark with OSIM;
  • Follow-up of the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property for the supervision of the clients brands;
  • Negotiation and assistance regarding the assignment or license contracts of the rights resulting from the Trademark Registration Certificates.

Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team are specialized in any procedure of registration of the OSIM trademark.

We all know how important it is to protect our brand, which ultimately defines the strategy of a business. This can be achieved through the OSIM trademark registration procedure.

Although the OSIM trademark registration procedure may seem simple at first, we can tell from our own experience that the procedure is a complex and long-lasting one. Most of the time, the entire OSIM trademark registration procedure takes at least 6 months from the submission of documents.

The matter called intellectual property law is a vast one that requires much study and ultimately the experience required to apply the theory. Our lawyers will assure you of their full professionalism regarding the registration procedure of OSIM.

Why choose our OSIM brand registration services?

  • The testimonials of our clients can at any time prove that we have provided quality services, at the level of their expectations.
  • The seriousness and promptness with which we treated each client in the OSIM trademark registration procedure.
  • The 100% success rate that we had with our clients in the OSIM trademark registration procedure.
  • The quality report offered to our clients in the registration procedure OSIM.

How can you reach our services in the matter intellectual property?

First of all, you can write to us in the contact form any legal issue that deals with matter of intellectual property.

Secondly, you can contact us by phone and you can set up a first meeting at our office in Bucharest, no. 9E Energeticienilor Bld., district 3.

Whatever the method of contact, our lawyers are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding intellectual property

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