Debt recovery


This specialization, which involves debt recovery is very important for companies, which are trying to recover amounts blocked to various debtors. Although it can be very easily included in civil law, it has become a stand-alone activity for us over time.

The activity of debt recovery includes the following:

  • non-repayable term loans;
  • the payment of the salary rights not paid by the employer within the term established between the parties;
  • amounts of money owed under the rental contracts;
  • sums of money due as a result of some services;
  • outstanding amounts of money as a result of the conclusion of some translative legal documents of ownership;
  • sums representing real damages caused to buyers natural persons;
  • amounts due as a result of intermediation and commissioning services.

Debt recovery has become a matter of law in itself, this coming as a consequence of the debtors inability or lack of willingness to pay

Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team are specialized in the debt recovery procedure between professionals.

With more than 10 years experience in the debt recovery procedure and in the case of disputes between professionals. We pride ourselves with 100% efficiency in recovering receivables for represented clients.

The debt recovery strategy will be established in agreement with the client, the lawyer who will investigate the case being able to adopt the best option. The lawyer who will investigate the case will make either the decision to go with the strategy of the payment order with the common law procedure.

Our goal is a single one, namely that of debt recovery, the means used by our lawyers being efficient.

Whatever the strategy on which the legal reasoning will be built in order to recover your debt, we guarantee our success.

We are committed to treating each client equally and to represent their interests regardless of the value of the claim in question.

Our desire is to recover any debt however small it would be because we know how important our client's budget is. We will thus personalize each offer of collaboration depending on the difficulty and value of the debt in question.

We know how important time is to you, which is why we will use all the legal procedures to recover the debt as quickly as possible.

Our resources will be devoted entirely to the recovery procedure receivables precisely to guarantee your success.

We can say that we specialized in the 10 years of practice in the field of debt recovery and we had the expected result every time.

How can you reach our services in the matter called debt recovery?

First of all, you can write to us in the contact form any legal issue that deals with matter of debt recovery.

Secondly, you can contact us by phone and you can set up a first meeting at our office in Bucharest, no. 9E Energeticienilor Bld., district 3.

Whatever the method of contact, our lawyers are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding debt recovery.

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