Labour law


In a volatile market such as the labor market, taking into account the current economic circumstances, disputes in this branch of law are becoming more frequent. That is why we also cover this branch of law with the same professionalism taking into account the following:

  • Assistance services of employers or employees in relations with the competent authorities in Romania for the registration of the employment contracts of the employees:
  • Consultancy for the negotiation of collective labor contracts at unit level;
  • Mediation of disputes regarding the execution of labor contracts;
  • Legal opinions for settling disputes between employees and employers.

Legal opinions for settling disputes between employees and employers.

Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team are specialized in the field of law called labor law. 

Labour law has its theoretical basis in Law no. 53/2003 (Labor Code), this text of law regulating the following:

  1. The field of labour relations;
  2. The way of applying the regulations in the field of labour relations;
  3. Labour jurisdiction.

Mr. Alexandru Florin gained experience in the field of labour law, working for one of the most important sanitation companies in Romania.

It is self-evident that labour law is an important matter for both an employer and an employee or former employee. As a result, both categories of clients are welcome at our office.

Choosing a lawyer specializing in labor law can save you significant financial losses as an employer. On the other hand, choosing a lawyer specialized in labour law can help an employee or former employee in finding the optimal solution for his case.

We believe that we are talking about a very important matter of law, which is hit by many legal problems, given the current labor relations.

This is why choosing a lawyer specialized in labour law can help you in any action you want to make later in this branch of law.

How can you reach our services in the matter called labour law?

First of all, you can write to us in the contact form any legal issue that deals with matter of labour law.

Secondly, you can contact us by phone and you can set up a first meeting at our office in Bucharest, no. 9E Energeticienilor Bld., district 3.

Whatever the method of contact, our lawyers are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding labor law.

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