Contraventional law


The contravention is perhaps the most common form of legal liability. Although the sanction of the contraventional prison has been abrogated, the financial implications of the fines are of the most severe.

Very often the police agents make mistakes. This is evidenced by the large number of lawsuits won in the court by the persons who made "complaint against the contravention report".

Finding the most suitable defense for our clients leads to the professional satisfaction that is reached when the court pronounces a decision to cancel the report of finding the contravention.

Our team of lawyers can offer you specialized advice in the matter of canceling the contraventional fines, Regardless if they come from the failure to comply with the rules governing the movement on public roads, or from other areas such as the Civil Code, Labor Code, or other special laws.

Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team have over 10 years experience in contraventional law having a 100% efficiency in solving them. His experience was gained from the instrumentation of many files that have as their object the matter called contraventional law.

We are all liable to mistakes, however it often happens that we are unfairly punished. At that moment our lawyers intervene in the equation with the experience and expertise gained during this time.

Our goal is a very precise one, namely the cancellation of any contravention report, thus saving any amount of money for our client.

Most of the times the cases are very complex in the matter called contraventional, combining technical and legal aspects. That is why a team of lawyers with experience in contraventional law can save you from the inconvenience of contraventional sanction.

At the same time, our area of expertise also covers aspects such as:

  • Legal advice for victims of road accidents;
  • Recovery of material damages, in case of accidents involving deaths;
  • Damage recovery and compensation for serious road accidents.

Whatever the legal issue pertaining to the area of contraventional law will be instrumented in the most professional way possible by our lawyers. Choosing a lawyer specialized in the matter of contraventional law is essential if you want to have the best possible return.

We believe that in our 10 years of experience we have specialized in this branch of law called contraventional law with excellent results.

How can you reach our services in the matter called contraventional law?

First of all, you can write to us in the contact form any legal issue that deals with matter of contraventional law.

Secondly, you can contact us by phone and you can set up a first meeting at our office in Bucharest, no. 9E Energeticienilor Bld., district 3.

Whatever the method of contact, our lawyers are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding contraventional law.

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