Consultancy regarding force majeure cases

Consultancy regarding force majeure cases

Considering the period and the circumstances under which the company go through at the moment, our lawyers are at your disposal with the following services:

  1. Writing notifications between companies in the case of force majeure.
  2. Writing the notification to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry regarding the force majeure case.
  3. Representation in court regarding disputes related to force majeure cases.
  4. Representation in the negotiations carried out by the professionals regarding the situations caused by the force majeure case.
  5. Drafting and sending notifications to leasing companies, banks, regarding the force majeure case.

How can you reach our services regarding consultancy in cases of force majeure?

First of all, you can write to us in the contact form any legal issue that deals with matter of consultancy regarding force majeure.

Secondly, you can contact us by phone and you can set up a first meeting at our office in Bucharest, no. 9E Energeticienilor Bld., district 3.

Whatever the method of contact, our lawyers are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding consultancy in force majeure cases.

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