Criminal Defense Lawyer


The lack of clarity, the lack of predictability of the provisions of criminal law, or sometimes even an unfavorable situation, can place anyone in the event of entering the sphere of the commiting a crime.

Equally, any person can find himself in the position of being a victim of a crime.

The criminal defense lawyer section was created to serve clients who need high quality legal services in the criminal law branch.

Indiferent de calitate (autor sau victima a presupusei infractiuni), legea confera o serie de drepturi: dreptul de a da sau a nu da declaratii, dreptul de participa la audierea celorlalte persoane. 

De asemenea mai putem regasi si alte drepturi precum: cel de a formula intrebari sau dreptul de propune probe.

In the area of criminal law, a lawyer can use: the right to raise exceptions regarding a series of procedural irregularities, the right to conclude a transaction with the injured person.

The criminal defense lawyer is perhaps one of the important sections of our practice and takes into account all aspects of the criminal process. For this reason we launched the criminal lawyer service.

How can you use the criminal defense lawyer section?

You can get in contact with us by using the phone numbers that can be found within the presentation site and we can agree on a prior appointment.

Va atentionam ca pana nu va fi semnat contractul de asistenta juridica dintre avocat si client, avocatul nu poate garanta confidentialitatea informatiilor transmise de client. 

Avocatul poate fi citat in proces in calitate de martor, chiar impotriva clientului sau, daca a aflat o serie de informatii in legatura cu fapta comisa inainte de incheierea unui contract de asistenta juridica cu acesta.

Our criminal defense lawyer service is offered with the clear intention to help the client in real time and assuming the commitment that we will be with them in all the problems that might be encountered.

A criminal defense lawyer contributes to solving the problems of criminal law, both for the offenses provided by the criminal code and for those provided for in special laws.

We must understand that the subject of criminal law is a sensitive one coming in close connection with the client's freedom or lack of freedom. Therefore, the selection of experienced lawyers is essential.

In case you make the decision to collaborate, we are waiting for you at our headquarters in Bucharest, Blv. Energeticienilor no. 9 E, building M1, 2nd floor, office 17.

Why criminal defense lawyer?

Because we think we offer the best legal services in Bucharest, this is being the reason why our clients choose our legal services. Our professionalism can guarantee we offer the best lest legal service based upon your needs.

What do we mean by criminal defense lawyer?

The criminal defense lawyer section represents a perfect combination between the quality of services and experience of Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team. Experience built in over 10 years of practice on various branches of law.

Experience built in over 10 years of practice on various branches of law. 

The quality of the services is offered by the professionalism with which each client is treated, a personalized plan of collaboration being offered.

When can our clients find us?

Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team are available daily with a prior scheduled appointment. 

Making thus a first step in getting to know each other and getting to solve your legal issues.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the services offered through the criminal defense lawyer section are tailored to the complexity of each individual case. We know that criminal defense lawyer is offered at an excellent quality price ratio.

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