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We are the adepts of solving disputes or conflicts between the plaintiff and the defendant, suspect, defendant and the injured person, employer and employee, public institution and taxpayer.

The transaction or reconciliation of the parties through mutual concessions is the most appropriate of all possible resolutions of a legal conflict. However, the reality shows that this method is not applicable in all cases.

As a result, litigation lawyer is the section of the site meant to assist in solving any problems that arise from litigation.

Our lawyers are at your disposal with their experience and dedication to solve any kind of legal conflicts.

Our lawyers are available to clients both in Bucharest and in other areas of the country. Our team of lawyers also travel in the country to ensure the defense of our clients.

Litigations in different areas of law such as: civil law litigation, administrative litigation, criminal law litigation, labor law litigation, commercial law litigation are part of our exepertise.

Except for the subject of criminal law, you can send us through the contact form a detailed description of the case. We will receive your message via email, within the litigation lawyer section and we will contact you trying to offer you an applied answer.

Any litigation is difficult, but with the help of a lawyer specialized in the subject of law that is the subject of the respective litigation, things can become simple.

The launch of the litigation lawyer service comes in support of clients who want to have the best defense in any type of litigation.

Our lawyers will propose the best fees for the litigation in which you are involved, thus benefiting from an excellent price-quality ratio.

In conclusion, we expect you to access the litigation lawyer service with confidence to benefit from the best lawyer services!

Why litigation lawyer?

Because we think we offer the best legal services in Bucharest, this is being the reason why our clients choose our legal services. The professionalism and promptness with which we have collaborated with our clients, recommends us for this section called litigation lawyer.

What do we mean by litigation lawyer?

The litigation lawyer section represents a perfect combination between the quality of services and experience of Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team. 

Experience built in over 10 years of practice on various branches of law. 

The quality of the services is offered by the professionalism with which each client is treated, a personalized plan of collaboration being offered.

When can our clients find us?

Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team are available daily.

With a prior appointment we shall establish a meeting.

Making thus a first step in getting to know each other.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the services offered through the litigation lawyer section are tailored to the complexity of each individual case. 

We know that the litigation lawyer service is offered at an excellent quality price ratio.

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