The legal framework for the retrocession of buildings taken abusively by the Romanian state during the communist regime has existed since 1989.

However, the restitution procedure was subsequently expressly regulated through Law no. 10/2001.

By offering the retrocession lawyer service, we are at your disposal to provide you with the best advice, assistance and representation services before the state authorities and before the courts.

Our business card is represented by the legal work provided for the solution of approximately 1,000 (one thousand) retrocession cases established under Law no. 10/2001.

Experience recommends us to give you support in efficiently solving any problem in the legal field of retrocessions.

Lawyer 10/2001 is the section meant to highlight the fact that we can help you on any problem of retrocession under Law 10/2001.

With a success rate of over 99% we are confident that we can deliver quality services in the matter of retrocessions.

Just contact us and our lawyers will help you, finding thus the best solutions for you.

How does the Retrocession Lawyer section work?

After setting up a meeting at our office in Bucharest, we will jointly determine the steps that will be taken to solve your case.

At the same time, we will analyze together what are the chances of success.

We will communicate the strengths and vulnerabilities of your issue, after analyzing the legal problem.

The involvement of our lawyers will be effective, prompt and will definitely bring the expected result in the recovery of your property.

We expect you to access the retrocession lawyer section and to benefit from the best services regarding the relocation of your real estate.

Why retrocession lawyer?

Because we think we offer the best legal services in Bucharest, this is being the reason why our clients choose our legal services. 

The professionalism and promptness with which we have collaborated with our clients, recommends us for this section called retrocession lawyer.

What do we mean by retrocession lawyer?

The retrocession lawyer section represents a perfect combination between the quality of services and experience of Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team. Experience built in over 10 years of practice on various branches of law.  

Experience built in over 10 years of practice on various branches of law. 

The quality of the services is offered by the professionalism with which each client is treated, a personalized plan of collaboration being offered.

When can our clients find us?

Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team are available daily. 

With a prior appointment we shall establish a meeting thus solving any of your legal issue. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of the services offered through the retrocession lawyer section are tailored to the complexity of each individual case. We know that retrocession lawyer section is offered at an excellent quality price ratio.

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