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With the rules of civil law we intersect almost continuously every day of our daily lives. Civil law regulates social relations starting with those regarding the family (children, guardianship, marriage and relationships between spouses, relatives).

These continue with those regarding patrimonial and non-patrimonial rights and reach up to the contracts we conclude. Of the obligations we assume, including how to modify or cancel them.

Being such a large area, the probability of seeking support for resolving a conflicting legal situation is very high.

How can you use the civil lawyer service?

You can get in contact with us by using the phone numbers that can be found within the presentation site and we can agree on a prior appointment.

Secondly, you can use the civil lawyer service through the contact form, if you want to detail the matter. Our lawyers will receive all the information by email and will respond promptly.

Civil lawyer has been designed with the precise purpose of helping the client exactly when he needs it and we believe that this system will be of great help to our client. By joining our clients in all the civil law issues that may arise, our lawyers are prepared to face any challenges in civil law matters.

We believe that choosing a lawyer specialized in civil law can save you from any future inconvenience of losing litigations. Therefore it would be advisable to choose a lawyer specialized in the field of civil law.

Our lawyers had a 99% yield, the rate of litigation won in the field of civil law, so that you will be able to benefit from all our expertise.

In case you make the decision to collaborate, we are waiting for you at our headquarters in Bucharest, Blv. Energeticienilor no. 9 E, building M1, 2nd floor, office 17.

Why civil lawyer?

Because we think we offer the best legal services in Bucharest, this is being the reason why our clients choose our legal services. The professionalism and promptness with which we have collaborated with our clients recommends us for this section called civil lawyer.

What do we mean by civil lawyer?

The litigation lawyer section represents a perfect combination between the quality of services and experience of Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team.

Experience built in over 10 years of practice on various branches of law. 

The quality of the services is offered by the professionalism with which each client is treated, a personalized plan of collaboration being offered.

When can our clients find us?

Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team are available daily. 

With a prior appointment we shall establish a meeting, making a first step in getting to know each other. 

With a prior appointment we shall establish a meeting, making a first step in getting to know each other and solving your legal issues.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the services offered through the litigation lawyer section are tailored to the complexity of each individual case. 

We know that litigation lawyer section is offered at an excellent quality price ratio.

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