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Although we can find about 10,000 lawyers registered in the Bucharest Bar, finding a lawyer that meets the highest standards of professionalism can be difficult.

The Bucharest lawyer section of the site was created to convey to our client that he can find the highest quality legal services. The legal services are provided by the Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team of lawyers.

Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team have over 10 years of experience on various legal branches. 

We recommend you to choose with confidence our legal services for the promptness and quality offered. These qualities differentiate us in this competitive market.

The experience of our lawyers extends to branches of law such as: commercial law, criminal law, civil law, contraventional law and much more. We also have an extensive experience in communication and collaboration with various institutions in Bucharest.

If you decide to collaborate with us, you shall be able to find us at our headquarters in no. 9E Energeticienilor Bld., Bucharest, district 3. In this office you will be able to enjoy the professionalism of a team made up of experienced lawyers, ready to help you in the most complex legal areas.

By creating the Bucharest lawyer section, we wanted to emphasize that the activity we carry out takes into account the courts in the area of Bucharest and Ilfov County. However, we also want to help clients who do not live in these areas of practice, but who want quality legal services.

We can assure that each client will be treated with the highest degree of professionalism, and our lawyers will ensure that any claim will be treated with increased attention. Eventually, our client will enjoy the highest chances of winning.

The Bucharest lawyer section shows the perfect team of lawyers each of us being specialized in different branches of law. Our clients will have at their disposal a package of quality legal services not having to resort to another Law Firm.

Why Bucharest Lawyer?

Because we think we offer the best legal services in Bucharest, this is being the reason why our clients choose our legal services.

What does Bucharest Lawyer mean?

The lawyer service of Bucharest represents a perfect combination between the quality of services and experience of Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team. Experience built in over 10 years of practice on various branches of law. 

Experience built in over 10 years of practice on various branches of law. 

The quality of the services is offered by the professionalism with which each client is treated, a personalized plan of collaboration being offered.

When can our clients find us?

Mr. Alexandru Florin and his team are available daily. 

With a prior appointment we shall establish a meeting. 

Making thus the first step in getting to know each other and getting the help you need.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the services offered through the Bucharest lawyer section are tailored to the complexity of each individual case. We know that the Bucharest lawyer service is offered at an excellent quality price ratio.

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